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Review and Giveaway for Broken Oaths by JT Cheyanne and VL Moon

        Let me start by saying how very proud I am of these two amazing ladies. With every new book their talent is shown to the world and we get a glimpse into the wonderful worlds that live inside them. Thank you JT and VL for once again letting us tag along for the ride.

Betrayed by his peers and slandered as a traitor, Commander Thierry Donovan has nothing left. Locked away and targeted by the very men responsible for his incarceration, Thierry defies the odds and fights for the fundamental right to survive the hell-hole of his imprisonment. With no one to trust, Thierry finds solace in the last place he imagines...

The church is Ryan Flynn's sanctuary. He craves the solitude and peace he finds in the hallowed halls. His oath to serve God is a calling Ryan has hidden behind all of his adult life; until his past catches up with him in the form of his foster brother, Special Agent Orrin Hunt...

Submerging himself within a world of danger, violence and corruption is the only way Orrin can cope with life. Rejected and tormented by the bitter remorse of unrequited love, Orrin is oblivious to the beauty of what life can offer him. If he'd only open his eyes, and maybe his heart....

Jaydan Callahan's life is a wreck. Gangs, drugs and violence are a part of his normal day to day routine. For one so young, he's seen it, been there, done it and gotten more than enough tee shirts as proof. Capable of smelling a cop from a mile away, it comes as no surprise to Jay when the guy he has the hots for is actually working undercover to bring down the town's notoriously dangerous king pin.

Four men, four lives, each one of them stained by lies, corruption and doubt. Can love show them the path to redemption, or will broken oaths, fear and grief make the crosses they bear too heavy a mantle to carry.

Love is Love


  “All of the government resources and the only transport you could find was a damned cargo container?” A.J. glared at Orrin who sat braced in a corner. He returned the glare with his own sour look. It wasn't like he wanted to ride fifteen miles from Mainside to Waterside in a metal box. Even in November, sweat coated his skin given the number of armed male bodies crammed inside.

“Didn't you learn anything from your history lessons, sailor. We aren't storming Normandy again, we're using stealth,” Orrin gritted out. Normandy Road stretched from the actual naval base located in and around Colt's Neck, New Jersey, or Mainside to the locals, to the pier, or Waterside, where all of the warships were armed and prepared for deployment. Controlled strictly by the Navy, no one without authorization was allowed on the highway or railway to the docks. The pier maxed at six battleships at one time. The U.S.S. Birmingham weighed anchor on one pad. Only one other ship occupied a slip and they were headed to it under the guise of incoming cargo. A long line of similar carriers stretched out behind them lending credence to their “delivery.”

“You think Ducaine doesn't have eyes and ears on this lonely stretch of road?” The question emerged sharper than he intended. The half smile on A.J.'s face actually broadened.

“Ignore him.” Wedged in the space diagonally across from Orrin, Thierry shifted and tried to find a more comfortable spot. Not likely to happen in the sardine can holding them. “A.J. gets his kicks being a smartass. The more you squirm, the harder he'll poke.” The Commander's voice was flat, a perfect match to his jade colored eyes. The man had been extremely subdued since leaving Ryan at the safe house. Orrin understood all too well. For years, Ryan had him tied up in the same knots.

“Just yanking ya chain there, Super Special Agent in Charge,” A.J. said, throwing a wink in Thierry's direction. He didn't earn even a lip curl. “Pretty smart thinking going in as cargo. Not many sailors get to tell their grandkids they played sardine to save their country.” That comment earned him a few snickers from the men around them. Orrin tuned out the one liners and jokes that followed.

His thoughts turned to Jay. Leaving him had been one of the hardest things he'd ever done. Pain, raw and fresh lurked in those beautiful green eyes. The kid hadn't been given a chance to grieve for his mother. Thrust into a fight that wasn't his, he'd lost the most important person in his life. Orrin's chest squeezed tight with guilt.

He should have done more to protect Jay and the others, should have cut the ties when he had the intel he needed on Marrenzo. Yet, he hadn't because of Jay. Funny, they said hindsight was twenty/twenty. His was crystal clear. He'd fallen for Jay gradually. Hiding behind his feelings for Ryan, he hadn't allowed himself to acknowledge the reason he couldn't leave Jay.

Now remember there may be SPOILERS AHEAD….you have been warned!! And you know how I feel about giving too much away, so other than the synopsis and excerpt I will not be repeating every detail of the book. 

This book is not just a romance, don’t get me wrong there is plenty of it, BUT it also has intrigue, action and suspense. Just when you think you know what is going on….wrong. This story keeps you on your toes from beginning to the end. 

      I know there may be those who are leery about the fact that one of the main characters, Ryan, is a priest. My thought on it is this; Ryan wouldn’t be the first, nor the last, person with a strong faith that who wanted to dedicate themselves to their church/faith. Some may have thought that meant having to be becoming a priest, minister, or nun etc. then to later realize for one reason or another that may not have been their path in life. These people are after all only human, and make human choices and mistakes. Not to get in a theological debate on this subject, but this decision is between them and their god. Now within the confines of this story, Ryan is a grown man, and fell in love with another grown man, both consenting adults. So for me this was not a problem. To watch Ryan agonize over his feelings was heartbreaking for me. He loved Thierry but he also loved his church and faith.  His inner struggle was a huge part of the story for me. One that in the end, after all the heartbreak was worth all the tears I shed for him and Thierry. 

Jayden and Orrin were great, even if Orrin was so stubborn I wanted to shake him a time or two LOL. I loved Jayden for the fact he was a smartass and didn’t take shit from anyone. He may have been young, but was wise beyond his years. 

I loved this book; it gives you everything you need for a great story. Including the “want” for the next great book by its authors. 


Laz and Lachi Publications is the combined writing team of J.T. Cheyanne and V.L. Moon. The two met in 2010, fell hard and fast for each other and married in April 2014. They write both independently and together in the gay erotica and gay paranormal genres. They also have a couple of contemporary romance novels under their belt.


JT Cheyanne

VL Moon

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  1. One day my darlins there is going to be some huge huggings going on between the four of us!! We are thrilled to be here with you again today. The review is AWESOME. You totally got Ryan the way we wanted the readers to embrace him. Thank you for always supporting us and for being our friends. We love you to the moon and back.

  2. I am so with JT on the lovins and stuffs, You girls are just the best and we truly love you to pieces. Love that you're here with us again and as always showing us some awesome support. So happy that you understood the whole Ryan issue and thank you for taking part in the tour.

    Love you <3