About Me

Well it isn't just me, it's us.....

My name is Teri. a.k.a. SuperTatee: I have been with my  husband for almost 20 years. We have two children. And I have a problem..I am a book junkie. I love to read. Everything from romance, to mystery to sci-fi fantasy. Some of my favorite authors are Marion Zimmer Bradley, Stephan R. Lawhead, J.R. Ward, Kerrelyn Sparks, Kindle Alexander, JT Cheyanne, and Venus Moon just to name a few. Along with my sister I love to hunt for books at our place of sanctuary Half Priced Books. LOL Here on this blog I will post reviews on the books I am reading and from time to time my ramblings. 

What up!? Hey I'm Kimberly better known here as SgtTibbs. I'm a married mother of three, well four if you count the husband. Ha!! I'm currently on my last year of college. I too am a book junkie. When I'm not studying for school I love to read. I'm really not too picky. I love paranormal romance, sci-fi, fantasy, contemporary romance, historical romance...um trying to remember what all is on my shelves!! *laughs* My favorite authors are pretty much the same as my sister's. I love having this blog because I love to talk about the books I read and on occasion rambling just to ramble. *giggles*