Monday, July 27, 2015

Styxx.....the other side of the story.

I had been re-reading through some of my favorite Sherrilyn Kenyon books lately. I finally caved and decided to ready Styxx. I had been avoiding it for so long because Acheron's book had brought so many emotions and from what I had heard from friends Styxx's book was worse. Not bad worse....just get your tissues out and you're going to be so mad for him. Yes I did that with Ash's book. When I re-read Acheron I skip the first half of the book because I cannot handle going through it again.

As I said I caved. Two nights and I had the whole book read. I now understand Styxx. There were some who read the book who did not like Acheron after reading this but I for one still like him. I understand both sides now. As Ash always says there are three sides to every story. Your side, my side and the truth somewhere in the middle.

Yes it is a hard book to read through with all the pain Styxx is put through but in order to understand the Styxx you have seen in the other books it's a must read. I felt better about things by the end of the book. Justice being served and things that were denied were restored. With out spoiling, yes one brother took something from the other. Not out of spite or even realizing it was done but it happened none the less. It was surprising to me as I was not expecting it. 

While there some who may not like the book because of all the pain and horrible things and that there isn't as much "happiness" as in other books I find that it is a must read in order to unerstand the Styxx we have seen in previous books. To understand truly why Ash hated him and the animosity between the two. The view of Ash did not change for me, I now understand why he viewed things the way he did. 

Oh Simi is still awesome. A deadly but sweet demon. Gotta love the Simi!!!

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