Sunday, March 1, 2015

Strange Beginnings :The Killing Chronicles

Strange Beginnings by Candi Fox is an amazing read! I'm already ready for the next book. The twist and turns had me on my toes throughout the book. At several points during my journey in this read gave me goosebumps!! 

I know Cord is supposed to be the hero but I'm rooting for Chandler. hehe I love the characters. They have such depth. I also love the setting in a small town. I have a soft spots for stories that happen in small towns verses large cities. With her words Candi brings you to that small town in Oklahoma. 

The only thing I don't like is that I am going to have to wait before the story continues. Yes I am extremely impatient. 

If you're looking for a mystery/thriller wrapped in the paranormal I would suggest that you give Strange Beginnings a read. 

Emmaline Blackwell's life has been surrounded by death since she was a little girl. Now death in the form of a man is stalking her. The man who tried to kill her once is still trying to take her life from her. Because of him she is always looking over her shoulder. She has been running from him for years but now must take drastic measures to hide from the lunatic. She moves across country to a smaller city to hide amongst the populace. Emma has to change everything, including her name in order to hide her past from everyone. 

Cord Masterson is the sheriff of Stillwater OK, who hides a deep secret of his own. Sparks fly the moment the two meet but it appears that even sparks can't keep her past at bay. When young women are found murdered in Stillwater, can Cord keep Emma safe from her past and still manage to be a part of her future?

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