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Blog Tour- Double Full by Kindle Alexander


Up and coming football hero, Colton Michaels, makes a Hail Mary pass one night in the college locker room that results in the hottest, sexiest five days of his young life. However, interference after the play has him hiding his past and burying his future in the bottom of a bottle. While Colt seems to have it all, looks can be deceiving, especially when you’re trapped so far in a closet that you can’t see your way out. When ten years of living his expected fast-lane lifestyle lands him engaged to his manipulative Russian supermodel girlfriend, he decides it’s time to call a new play.

Jace Montgomery single-handily built the largest all-star cheerleading gym in the world, driven by a need to forget a life-altering encounter with a handsome quarterback a decade ago. His reputation as an excellent coach, hard-nosed business man, and savvy entrepreneur earned him respect in the sometimes catty world of competitive cheerleading. When Jace learns of his ex-lover’s plans to marry, his heart executes a barrel roll and his carefully-placed resolve tumbles down without a mat to absorb the shock. Can his island escape help him to finally let go of the past and move his life forward?


“I’ve never gotten over you. Ever. Not one day passed that I didn’t think about you. For
me, you’re the love of my life. Wherever you are is exactly where I want to be"

"You were made for me, Jace Montgomery"

“Let me tell you what I am sure of, what I want. I want you to fuck me tonight. I want
you inside me. It’s my first time, but I know I liked your finger in my ass when we made out in
the locker room. How do you feel about that?”

"I just know what it’s like to have to deal with a heart broken by you...” Jace said quietly, looking over at Colt with deep, unguarded pain in his eyes. God, he hated that look"

"Last one in bed has to clean us up afterward,” Jace called out and took off running"

"I love you,” Colt declared against Jace’s lips. He truly meant those three little words.
There had never been any doubt in his mind Jace was the only man for him.
      “I love you, too.” Jace made Colt smile. He’d waited so long to hear those words from this man. Too long


Let’s just start by saying from the VERY beginning of the book it grabs your attention, and gives you the need for a cold shower!! *fans self* Yes there is smokin’ hot sex in this book, but it isn’t what it is all about.  At start of the story Colton Michaels is college football hero, on his way to the NFL when he decides to finally admit to himself what he truly wants, Jace Montgomery. Jace is a member of the cheerleading squad, but unlike Colt does not hide who he is. After a whirlwind spring break vacation, our guys hit a massive road block, namely Larry Michaels, Colts vicious homophobic father. Who not only beats his own son but threatens the same treatment for Jace as well. In order to protect the man he has fallen in love with, Colt sacrifices his hopes and dreams by severing ties with Jace. 
           Over the next ten years both men lived separate very different lives. Jace opened his own cheerleading gym, becoming one of the most sought after coaches in the world. With all his success Jace could never fill the void left by Colt. 

After being first pick in the NFL draft Colt spent years trying to numb the pain of what had lost by sinking into a life of alcohol. Spending years surrounded by a blackmailing succubus a.k.a. fiancé and his money grubbing leech of a father he finally decides to get the help he desperately needs.

       Thanks to fate, and an ESPN interview the men finally make their way back to each other, when the unthinkable happens. Want to know what? Buy the book, ha-ha, sorry I won’t ruin it for you! Let’s just say these two will not let anything come between them again. 

We are also introduced to a very interesting character, Mitch Knox. Who I hope to learn more about, Hint Hint Kindle!! Overall another great accomplishment for one of my favorite author’s Kindle Alexander. Who once again had me falling in love with her characters.

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