Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Heart of Atlantis by Alyssa Day

****SPOILERS POSSIBLE!! I will try my best NOT to give too much away, but proceed with caution!!! And remember this is MY opinion**** 

               I finally got the chance to sit down and read Alyssa Day’s latest book Heart of Atlantis. It is the final installment in her Warrior’s of Poseidon series. I stumbled upon the first book in the series, Atlantis Rising, while shopping at a small used book store near my home in 2009. The word Atlantis is what caught my eye; I love any story revolving around Atlantis or the Arthurian legends. I took the book home and read it in a day, only problem was the used book store didn’t have the next books, which at the time there were 4 books in all. I normally try to buy used since I read through so many it can get expensive to always buy new. This is one of those times I didn’t care. I went looking at new and used bookstores. Of course once I found them I read straight through the remaining books, and have done so with the each of the four following books. I really enjoyed the series over all. It has of course larger than life Atlantean warriors, vampires, shifters, and ancient gods just to name a few supernatural beings. The bases of the story is that Atlantis still exists protected in a magical dome after having been sunk 1000 years ago. The Prince of Atlantis, Conlan, is the reluctant heir to the throne. The prince’s brother Ven, along with Lord Justice, Alexios, Brennan, Bastien, Christophe, and Denal are the elite Seven warriors, they with Conlan protect humanity from vampires, and even from themselves. During the course of their individual stories they have to hunt for Poseidon’s trident and gems along with meeting their would be mates, which means forbidden love (my favorite!), love with the impossible, untimely love…well you get the point, the kind of love that if they truly want it they will have to fight to be together…*sighs dreamily* 

             Heart of Atlantis is Alaric and Quinn’s book, whom you first meet in Atlantis rising. Their story has played out throughout the series. In the beginning I didn’t like Alaric much; I don’t think we are supposed to. I will admit during Atlantis Rising, for some bizarre reason I pictured him in my head like Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin (My apologies to Alyssa Day!!! LOL) I don’t know why I think it was the stiff way he spoke, but as time and the story moved on I changed my opinion of Alaric. From this stiff, gruff, arrogant ass to loyal, selfless, caring funny man…yes I said funny. The banter between Quinn and Alaric had me laughing out loud several times in this book. Which is a quality I love in any book. Quinn is first seen as a hard ass solider with a high wall around her heart, slowly we get to see a different side of Quinn, and what made her the was she is. I don’t want to give too much away about the plot of this book, just know that this series is well written, full of action, adventure, humor, HOT sex, and lots of love. So worth checking out.

 List of books in reading order:

 Atlantis Rising
 Wild Hearts in Atlantis, novella that can be found in anthology Wild Thing or eBook 
Atlantis Awaking
Shifter’s Lady, novella found in anthology Shifter 
Atlantis Unleashed
Atlantis Unmasked
Atlantis Redeemed
Atlantis Betrayed 
Vampire in Atlantis
Heart of Atlantis

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