Wednesday, January 16, 2013


           Where to start? Well, for me it started two years ago after much pushing by my daughter, my sister (fellow Bitch), and a dear friend I entered the world of Facebook.  I said over and over, why would I want to try it, if I want to talk to friends or family I will use the phone. My sister and our friend told me about how you could read stories written by Role Players based some of our favorite book series. Finally I caved, made my account and I haven’t looked back. I began to follow one group faithfully.  Not only would they post story lines, but they interacted with the fans. In this group were so many talented writers. I could not get over how connected some of them were with the characters they portrayed.  It was as if the character had truly come to live for me, so much that yes on many occasions I giggled and blushed at the comments made by certain characters, you know who you are *winks*.  I am fortunate enough to have become friends with several of these wonderful writers outside of the characters.  Among them there are those who have now ventured off the pages of Facebook out into the world of published works. Today I am going to give reviews on two of the author’s latest releases.

                                    Kindle Alexander’s Up In Arms

          In this book you meet Reed Kensington, a worldly lawyer, who while at his brother’s wedding meets Trevor West a soldier. This story not only follows these men’s love affair, which is sweet and sexy, but we also see the after math of how they deal with a tragedy.  I love these boys, how they interact, how they over come, how one of them blushes *sighs*. Sorry I love that!

                   JT Cheyanne and Venus Moon’s For the Love of a God

         Suria is a strong willed, dominate female, until she meets Euro, the son of Aphrodite, goddess of love. Euro who during his existence had nothing more that fleeting encounters with females, lasting no more time than it took to satisfy his lust. Until he sees Suria, together the learn about each other and more importantly themselves.

               Kindle Alexander, JT Cheyanne, and Venus Moon are all very talented writers. They can all weave a tale that paints a picture giving you the feeling you are a part of the story.  Please take a moment to check out the links below, I know you will enjoy the books by the wonderful ladies.

Kindle Alexander:
Links where to find Up In Arms:

JT Cheyanne and Venus Moon:
Links to find For the Love of a God:


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  2. I remember you coming into the group, you were NEVER EVER NEVER shy. I loved you from the beginning. Thank you for this last two year! I love you, but I have to disagree with your Up in Arms review. Its a terrible book by an author that does mean things to fictional characters who have given her everything! I'll let you have your opinion, but I think you need to rethink it. LOVE YOU!