Friday, December 7, 2012

Yes Master.....

I love getting free e-books. A lot of the time they are very short. Some are good some are so-so. Regardless I love to read and it helps feed my addiction. While searching Amazon I came across this book, Master at Arms by Kallypso Masters. It was a free e-book and a bit larger than some of the free e-books I have gotten before. I was totally hooked. This book is a prologue to the rest of the series. And yes, I bought the next three because I wanted to know the whole story. Well duh I don’t like being left hanging. *laughs*

The series, Rescue Me, starts with the prologue book (Book 1) Master at Arms, (Book 2) Nobody’s Angel, (Book 3) Nobody’s Hero, and (Book 4) Nobody’s Perfect.  There are also three more on the way.  This series must be read in order. You cannot read them out of order and the author tells that.

Want to know what this series is about?? Two words….Marines and BDSM. Ok that was a word and an acronym but you get my point.  I love the military and I am intrigued with the BDSM lifestyle so this one was right up my alley.

This series is not only well written but well researched. While some of the characters are new to the “lifestyle” they don’t go all “waaaa he spanked me”.  (if you don’t catch the reference then you and I have not talked about that crappy supposed BDSM book) There may be characters that are more dominate than their subs but it isn't all one sided. 

While there are some misunderstandings and conflict in the book, which hello makes great plots, it is in no way teenage drama.  I love the emotions, I love that the way it is written it draws me in and I fall in love with not only the story lines but the characters themselves.

I won’t go into synopsis of the books because you can read them yourselves at Kally’s website . Do yourself a favor and go check this series out. Download the first book for free at which ever retailer you like. Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and All Romance Ebooks has this book for free. 

Now I'm am just waiting for the next book.....*sits with a cup of coffee and waits*


  1. Sorry I'm so late to find your lovely review, but thank you! Glad you're enjoying my series--and thanks also for telling people to read them in order. These couples just can't be contained in a single Romance novel! And their connections with each other lead to more than "cameo" appearances in the other books.

    Hoping to write and release two more books in the series this year--Somebody's Angel and Nobody's Dream. Stay tuned! (And, no, I no longer guess at release dates because I'm not a plotter who knows where the story will take me, and sometimes my characters are just as stubborn with me as they are with their counterparts on the page.) But I'm hopeful they will cooperate fully because I have some catching up to do!


  2. I can't wait to read this series. I have the first and have the rest ready on my wish list. A deffinate winter warmer for these long cold nights.