Friday, November 30, 2012

Read and then discarded?

One bite and their done?
I love to re-read books. Not only because I pick up on things I sometimes miss the first read through but also because I miss the characters and the emotions connected with reading "their" book. But that got me to thinking, I read a lot of different series some of which have 10 books or more in that series and while I love to re-read the books, I miss the characters in the first books. Oh sure they make "an appearance" in later books or you'll get an update on them but I don't feel the connection to them as when I read their book.

Oops going  off a bit from where I was headed.....*smiles* Any who, why can't authors bring some of those characters back to the forefront? Maybe I am just speaking for myself but it just feels that those characters that we fell in love with, that snagged us and brought us into the book/series, after a few books have been thrown on the back burner and are getting cold.

What I would love is, if were possible, for authors to have a novella thrown in a series to help bring those characters back to focus. Especially if they aren't having any more than a "walks in and says hey" in the subsequent books.

I look forward to each new book in a series and seeing the reoccurring characters finally having their stories told but their one book can't be all that there is to them. Is it?

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