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Blog Tour- The Current Between Us by Kindle Alexandeer


            Sitting at the table, coffee in hand, I am nervous. I have never done an interview before. And I am starting with a dear friend and amazing author, Kindle Alexander, with her are Trent and Gage, the two men featured in her latest book The Current Between Us.  YUM  Ok have to get a hold of myself, well here goes!

    BOE:  Hi and welcome Kindle, Trent, and Gage thanks so much for letting us be a part of your book tour!
  Kindle:     Hi Teri DeGeorge! And Kimberly Flathers! THANK YOU for letting me be here! I love you guys so much. For anyone who reads this, you need to know these two are some of the best people on the planet. I met them online a couple of years ago, and they changed my life. I love you guys!

    BOE:     We love you too, we so excited to have you all here, shall we just jump right in? Kindle how long have you been writing?

  Kindle:       Not very long. No more than two years??? I started in role play three years ago and was terrible. I’m still terrible, but I love it! I hope I don’t ever stop!

  BOE:        Do you have a writing process?

   Kindle:         Teri knows this answer already! Yes, I have a process, it’s whenever time permits. Most of the time it’s in the middle of the night or an hour here, thirty minutes there.  As far as structure goes, I just follow what the bigger authors say to do – I did not try and reinvent the wheel. Outline, outline, outline, rough it, and then revise. I love writing more than reading because the characters get to stay with me longer. I’m a bookaholic and my book hangovers would kick my butt, writing helps keep them with me for longer – like months. I love that!

  BOE:         Are you more comfortable writing M/F or M/M stories?

  Kindle:  EWWW!! Who writes m/f – that’s so ten years ago… *bites lip* Everything in my head is male/male.

  BOE:     Where did the inspiration for The Current Between Us come from?

  Kindle:   Keagan Kruze and Aidan Wilde playing dress-up. I also loved being a parent of small children. I’ve had girls and boys. They are so different and so perfect when they are little. Just love them!

  BOE:     When it comes to buying books for yourselves do you prefer EBooks or paperbacks?

     Kindle:    100% ebook reader.  Paperbacks are like listening to the radio. It’s the same thing over and over and over and over. You can find so many more options and books online. It’s not just what a few Executive’s think I should be allowed to read – if that makes sense… Ebooks is a readers dream. THANK YOU Amazon for pulling all that together so easily!

   BOE:        Kindle, do you see an advantage to publishing in EBook format over the “traditional” paperback?

   Kindle:      I think so. I see the advantage being that no one sees what you are reading but you. People can read anything they want without fear of being judged. I also love have my library and ability to buy something new at my fingertips.

         BOE:   Trent, what is the most challenging part of raising two kids and running your own business?

        Trent:  He looks up a little lost as silence looms around him. He tried to think fast about the last thing said, realizing he zoned out, not paying any attention to the author above (but he’s just too nice a guy to say it out loud). “I’m sorry, what did you ask?”

        Trent:  He listened closely, focusing on Teri instead of the new cologne Gage wore today. “The juggle falls in the work load. It’s a concentrated effort to stop for family time in the evenings and weekends. The kids deserve it, but business is always, always in the back of my mind. Also the illness. It never fails, they get sick during the most inopportune moments!”

        Gage: Grinning over at Trent, he finally chuckled. “Em’s not feeling well right now. Her tummy hurts. Rhonny’s with her so we could be here. She thinks its food poison., I think it was all the candy she ate at the movies.”


      BOE:    Poor Em, we hope she feels better soon. Gage, is there someone living or dead that you would like to interview?

     Gage:   He keeps the grin on his face, taking Trent’s hand and drawing it up for a quick kiss. “I think my best answer is Trent’s mom. I want to know how she raised such a perfect son so I know what I’m doing in raising Hunter.” Trent barked out a laugh, and bumped Gage in the shoulder.

     Trent:   “My God, you’re such a charmer! We’re newlyweds, you’re automatically getting lucky tonight…” Trent stopped when he realized what he said, turning red faced as he looked down at his lap. That had Gage laughing more.

     Gage:    “My honest answer is the two women from The Bitches of Eastwick, because really, you two are the exact opposite of Bitches. You know, I have another bigger question for you Teri, how does it feel to be publicly married to a fictional character?”

   Teri(BOE):  *a smile spreads on my face as a blush colors my cheek a bright red* It is never a dull moment around him. In a moment he can make me smile and laugh, then the next I want to stomp on his toes LOL What can I say? I love the turd LOL

     BOE:     This is for all three of you. What do you want first time readers of M/M stories to take away from this book?

     Kindle:   That’s hard. I can only give my experience and hope people get to have the same fundamental life change as I did. I read my first male/male book about three and a half years ago. Being a lifelong reader, I knew I had a regular running cast playing round and round in my head, but after reading that book, the cast instantly turned to all men. It was so natural and stretched and evolved my imagination in such a good way, it changed my entire outlook on life. It woke me back up as a person and advocate – if that makes any sense. I say if you haven't read male/male you need too. Find the style of book you like – erotic, storytelling, romance and read a couple of books and then email me. Tell me what you think.

    BOE:       Thank you all for stopping by, it’s been great talking with you. We Sister's would love to have you back anytime.

                                      Here’s an excerpt from The Current Between Us:

Gage Synclair, international, hard-hitting investigative photojournalist, is preparing for the final special report of his career…a story of deception and murder six long years in the making. And after ten years in some of the worst parts of the world, he’s ready to settle down and open an art gallery in his hometown of Chicago. The only thing getting in his way, he needs to find a competent electrician to finish the job before his grand opening.

Trent Cooper, electrical contractor, is surprised by the last minute request for a fast-paced electrical remodel, wanting nothing more than to get his foot in the door with Layne Construction. Being gay in the construction industry isn’t easy, nor is being father to his two young adopted children. Trent keeps his life in separate zones to avoid a short circuit. But when the gallery owner propositions him on the first day, Trent can’t help but think his worlds are a little too close for comfort.

Will their high-voltage passion spark everlasting love or will their lives break the circuit between them

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About the Author:
Best Selling Author Kindle Alexander is an innovative writer, and a genre-crosser who writes classic fantasy, romance, suspense, and erotica in both the male/male and male/female genres. It’s always a surprise to see what’s coming next! Happily married, with five children, and four dogs living in the suburbs of Dallas, where the only thing bigger than the over active imagination, may be the women’s hair!

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