Monday, July 2, 2012

We're Back!!!!!

Hide your books ladies the Sister Bitches have returned. Long have we been gone from the blogging world. FaceBook found us and sucked us in. And yes we went kicking and screaming. But we are back and along with us is our love *cough* addiction *cough* of books. Don't look at us that way. If you didn't suffer the same addiction you wouldn't be here with us. *laughs* So grab a chair and welcome to your book-aholics meeting.

With summer in full swing it’s been the best time for reading. A few new authors as well as some of our all time favorites have been added to our read piles but still many more are waiting in the “to be read” piles.I am beginning to think that is a never ending pile but with book junkies that's not a bad thing. *grins*

I’ll be adding a couple reviews of Allie MacKay’s Highlanders series to which I am currently enthralled with. Unfortunately I have been reading them completely out of order. (Couldn't help it that I found the second to last book in the series first. The story of my book life) But luckily it's one of those series that I am not lost reading out of order.  Looking forward to reading her newest book Haunted Warrior that was released January 2012 Can't wait!!! *squeals*

We have many reviews to come, as well as a couple giveaways. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

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